Our Company Story

recycling researchIn 2010, Tim Cole, an environmental professional, waste management and sustainability expert with more than 30 years of experience, founded Michigan-based Eco Partners to introduce the idea of rethinking recycling. His goal? To provide a new level of waste management services that would integrate environmental and risk management services with a solid foundation of knowledge of the entire spectrum of industrial and commercial waste: from recycling, recovery, and reuse to a wide range of effective waste treatment options.

In its early days, Eco Partners’ expertise was in directing the processing, treatment, reuse, or recycling of a wide range of solid and liquid, hazardous, and non-hazardous wastes. It was, and is, committed to resource recovery, and it worked diligently to find alternatives to standard treatment processes. All industrial by-products and surplus materials were handled per state and federal regulations. Eco Partners created a niche in the marketplace by focusing on the identification of uses for process by-products and acting as liaisons between generators and potential users.

Fast forward to 2020.

Today Eco Partners is known across the United States as the sustainability expert you call when you’ve run out of ideas. When you need an “outside the box” solution—now. It stands at the forefront of the newest technologies and initiatives in green and renewable energy.

And it provides these biomass renewable energy services to clients all over the country with rigorous attention to all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Eco Partners is a single-source supplier of recycling solutions with a research team that works tirelessly to develop better and even more sustainable energy recovery resources. It specializes in developing solutions to address even the most challenging waste problems and finding new and better ways to convert waste to energy.

From the conversion of fats, oils, and other food and organics into biomass fuels to creating zero-landfill solutions that will benefit the environment, Eco Partners takes environmental protection seriously.

Eco Partners views disposal as a last resort. And waste as a mismanaged resource. It provides biomass renewable recovery energy services to help companies manage waste and recover value from that waste. In every instance, it exhausts all sustainable options first, before considering disposal.

Eco Partners views the future as filled with opportunity to help safeguard our natural resources by developing sustainable solutions for managing waste and recovering energy. Future expansion will include the introduction of a biodigester facility to service increased demand.

Eco Partners. Rethinking recycling, one company, one challenge at a time.