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The Material Formerly Known as “Waste”

Tim Cole, owner of Eco Partners, doesn’t like to use the word “waste.” “I always think of a waste as a mis-managed resource. That’s the way I look at it,” he says. “Waste” is an old word, an old concept, based in an old way of doing things. “In a lot of respects, the waste […]

We Understand the Science

Eco Partners has billions of little helpers who need to be kept happy — microorganisms that break down substances that would’ve formerly been landfilled. “We are a provider of substrates to multiple digesters throughout the Midwest,” Eco Partners owner Tim Cole says. Much of the material is starch to be added to anaerobic digestion (AD), […]

Why We Started Eco Partners

Maybe, instead of sending the solvent to an incinerator, it could be reused… Out of that notion, Tim Cole formed environmental services company Eco Partners. “Our primary approach to the business is to recycle, reuse, repurpose everything for our client.” Eco Partners’ guiding ethos is “disposal is always a last resort.” Manufacturing facilities should find […]

Two Million Pounds of Starch

It’s a typical day at Eco Partners when the phone rings “and somebody says, ‘Tim, I’ve got two million pounds of this material. Can you help us out?’” That specific call, just before the holiday season last year, was about “two million pounds of starch,” Eco Partners owner Tim Cole says. He instantly knew what […]

Landfill is cheap, so why recycle/reuse?

At the foundation of Eco Partners was owner Tim Cole’s idea that maybe solvents could be reused… “We were diverting probably 20, 30 truckloads a week that were previously being burned. Now customers were using that material as a product, in place of buying virgin material. So talk about conserving natural resources! Those are big wins for everyone, financially as well.”