Process Safety Management

process safety managementProcess safety management must be done with the proper care and knowledge. It is incredibly easy to have one tiny slip-up mean the difference between a normal day at the office and a disaster that’s going to take weeks to clean up fully if you’re not careful, possibly even longer. Eco Partners doesn’t want that to be the case. Spills are awful things and accidents are all too common. So, we are here to help ensure that your process safety management is handled with all the care and proper attention it needs.

Machine guarding evaluation and machinery hazard assessments can be done to suit the distinct needs of your business. Eco Partners is all about preventative measures and keeping things perpetually in working order rather than waiting to do something until another thing is broken. Our Preventative Maintenance Programs work to attain this perfect functionality and can help you do the same.

Inspections and assessments are two things we’re quite good at and we can always find the good and bad in every location, and that’s great! Safety is of the utmost importance so if you find yourself in a rather claustrophobic work or project environment and need a little reassurance, look into our Confined Space Hazard Assessment and get one done before your next day on the job! Of course, the aforementioned Process Safety Management (PSM) department and our Risk Management department are always on hand when needed for consultations, recommendations and all manner of aid in protecting yourself and your environment throughout your PSM/RM tasks.

Eco Partners can offer honest, objective and nonpartisan accident investigation. For further assistance in this matter you may reach us through our Contact page. We can get all your records in order with OSHA by using our own own OSHA Record Keeping Procedures with swift and thorough updating.

Hearing loss can be quite dangerous and hard to deal with working in locations with lots of heavy machinery or loud tools. Help your ears by asking about our Hearing
Conservation and how you can help save your ears from an endless silence.

If you’ve been working in an area that has had some sort of spill or containment loss, ask about our Personal Exposure Assessments and arrange to have your assessment done right away! We also do hazard communication. Need to let a whole bunch of people in specific areas know that there is perhaps a dangerous spill or accident ahead/nearby/etc.? This is the job of hazard communication.

Eco Partners can provide your company with written program development that covers your specific needs. Eco Partners can assist with your OSHA Compliance Audits and we even offer Compliance Reviews as well. Need a good facility auditor that can provide facility audit assistance in a time sensitive fashion? Let our facility audit assistance professionals simplify this often highly daunting process. You’ll be glad you did. Again, further questions can be answered and meetings, consultations can all be arranged by contacting us through our Contact page.