Snow Salt Solutions

snow saltSnow salt can be terribly damaging to both cars and roadways but with the treacherousness of icy roads and highways it’s insanity to not use it. So how does Eco Partners handle this Catch 22?  Well, with brine of course. Seem a little odd? Here’s how…

  • Brine has less salt and less salt is far better!
  • Reduces roadway impact of necessary road salting
  • Reduces environmental impact both ecologically, biologically and in regard to available water resources.
  • With salt prices on the rise once more it turns out to be more cost-efficient to go with brine as well, which certainly helps our sustainable cause!
  • Brine snow salts come in liquid form which turns out to be a new and incredible weapon against the former trials of winter with Direct Liquid Application (DLA).
  • Liquid snow salt goes to work more quickly with results approximately 30% faster by allowing this viscous liquid to remain right where it needs to be. As well as becoming active at lower temperatures than dry salt does. This reduces the operational costs as well due to its efficiency.
  • These liquid brine salts are proactive, need nothing extra to work and are pre-wetted, ensuring that brine can be used instantly and is perfect for emergencies.
  • Due to its high effectiveness and swift acting formula, these snow salts are far safer than dry salts because using brine creates safer roads faster, reducing accidents and lessening road and vehicle damage.
Eco Partners knows the importance of quality control and how critical that control is when manufacturing brine. All of the staff is highly trained and educated in brine’s uses, proper handling, potential hazards, proper concentration levels and the importance of getting those levels down to a minute science. This eliminates liability problems and greatly reduces accidents both in the field and in the lab. It also involves all manners of risk prevention and anti-icing training.

We can also assist in determining if brine is a good addition to your agency as we offer consultations regarding the true cost of making and using brine. For further questions regarding snow salts, products or consultations drop by our contact page.